Illuminate 2030 is a roaming projection performance that explores
climate change scenarios.

Illuminate 2030 is a roaming projection performance that involves community participation to create public art events that explore two very different future scenarios: climate change addressed; and climate change ignored.

It features projected animated wildlife characters that interact with their environment in an attractive, enticing performance that defies gravity, embraces audiences and responds to audience participation. 

Community contributions of images, poetry and music feed into the animation.

The public will be invited to participate in the project, both through interacting with the performance through movement and conversation, and by contributing imagery, sound and poetry through workshops and an online platform.  Some projection events will also have interactive projection for instantaneous imagery contributions.

Each performance represents the local ecology of each location, reflecting upon a diverse range of ecosystems, urban landscapes, communities and climate issues. The aim is to capture what scientists, artists and participants imagine each region will look like in 2030 in each climate scenario. 

Animated wildlife characters bring to light our collective conscience

Two creatures represent the beauty of fragile creatures who we will keep and care for if we address climate change. The other two characters represent wildlife species that might exist if we ignore climate change. 

Wildlife can’t re-engineer their habitat to be comfortable in changing climate as humans can. Some will perish and some will evolve. The creatures skins are filled with changing imagery and a soundscape booms: a chorus of many different voices.

About the artists

Caroline Packham is a painter, animator and projection artist. Her roaming projection works have been presented at festivals in Melbourne and regional Victoria. Her work explores our connection to nature, to people, and environmental and social issues.  

One of the authors of The Travellers’ Guide to Ecocentres Caroline Packham applies the wisdom of community-centred sustainability learning-based- change to arts practice. She believes that creative expression is an effective engagement technique to mobilise the public around issues of community concern.

Changing people to act more sustainably involves a lot more than providing information... change is incubated by building linkages between people into networks of shared concern, trust and exchange of expertise.


Creative director, animation, community engagement: Caroline Packham
Creative producer: Sue McCauley (initial phase 2016), Caroline Packham (ongoing)
Video editing and soundscape: Michael Buckley   Additional video editing: Caroline Packham

Interactive projection and sound design (Sustainable Living Festival): Pierre Proske  

Music: Qua

Projection performance, imagery, audio, workshops:     
Lachlan Plain, Zoe Dawkins, Minna Lappalainen, Lilith Lane, Dan Nunan, Adam Grossetti, Tom Milton, Nick Wilson, Erin Hall, Caroline Packham, Michael Buckley

Climate scenario advice & imagery: 
ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science
Community engagement & climate advice:
Port Phillip EcoCentre  

Website design: Jodi Newcombe

Documentation: Videos by Michael Buckley, Photographs by Sabine Legrand

Special thanks to: Dan Karalus (Atticus Media), Marte Newcombe and Glenn Newman


Environmental Management Systems

We use: recycled and re-used paper; re-used collage materials; locally made low toxicity art supplies and natural pigments where feasible; homemade paints using white clay, cornstarch and vegetable extracts as pigments; and refillable markers by Auspen. We aim for zero waste by using materials for hardcopy artworks that allows them to be recycled or composted.  Our pico projectors for roaming projection are powered by green power.