The artists behind Illuminate 2030 have been active since 2014 performing roaming projection works in festivals across Victoria. Two past events are presented here: Future Us and Walk.

Future Us

Future Us by Caroline Packham, Minna Lappainen and Danielle Karalus
Projection show presented at Collingwood & Atherton Gardens Estate and Emerge in Yarra 2016

Future Us is a roaming projection show that was produced with children from Cubbies and LiveWires at the Atherton Gardens and Collingwood Housing Estates. Children participated in a month long series of art workshops at each centre in 2015. Photo stories, paintings, collage, filmed movement, audio recordings and music that were created at the workshops formed the content for an animated projection work. The work embraces the notion that imagining the future, helps shape the future. The children explored their dreams and discussed through art what they desire for their communities, their education and their future careers and how will they get there?  

ABC online story  


Walk by Caroline Packham.  Editing by Danielle Karalus.  
Presented at City of Banyule Pinpoint Public Art Program 2014
New interpretations presented at Ballarat Laneways Festival 2015, Gertrude St Projection Festival 2015 and Glow Winter Arts Festival 2015