Learn about climate change predictions, strategies and actions both globally and locally.

For Stonnington: https://scan.org.au  and  http://www.stonnington.vic.gov.au/Live/Sustainability

For Port Phillip Bay: http://www.ecocentre.com/ and http://www.enviroehub.com.au

Click here to read the 5 most frequently asked questions about climate change. And have a look at some of these fantastic short and punchy videos below. At the end are some ideas about what you can do to help address climate change as a Melbourne resident. 

Get informed with some short videos

What can Melbourne locals do? 

Here are just a few ideas to help reduce our impact on the environment. Follow the links in bold for more information. 

1. Divest: move your money to a bank and Super fund that invests it for good

2. Ditch single-use plastic. Needless plastic is an enormous threat to wildlife, soil and waterways
Take the challenge of Plastic Free July, or follow Erin the Rogue Ginger for simple, inspirational tips. 
Transition to a meaningful life with less stuff, inspired by practical role models like The Minimalists and The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up.

3. Get your feet wet with Port Phillip Baykeeper to build habitat for wildlife, measure beach erosion, meet living molluscs and more - free activities for 15-25 year olds, every Sunday at St Kilda Pier from 4-6p.

4. Eat a delicious Climatarian Diet. Even Arnie is promoting the message, watch: Less Meat means Less Heat!

5. Volunteer with friends once a month to clean up your local patch and learn about Melbourne's hundreds of species of urban wildlife! Check out Scab DutyBeach PatrolFriends of Westgate ParkFriends of Elster Creek, or Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Team.

6. Share your car or hire a share car, become confident at city cycling, and travel the city by public transport.